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​About Me

​​Hi there,

I'm Sarah Hua, the Founder of Jobs for Mums.

I am a Mum to two beautiful, energetic little boys, and have been working in Human Resources for over 19 years.

As a Human Resources Professional, I recognised an opportunity in the market where employers often find themselves looking to fill a job which is Part Time, working flexible hours, working from home etc (so many times in my HR career I have heard “this role would be great for a Mum”), with no clear market to tap into – how do you target a number of mums at the same time?

As a mum, my career suddenly needed to provide an opportunity to incorporate family life and motherhood.

In my search for jobs which would provide this balance, I discovered that there was an opportunity to create a website where these jobs/opportunities could be all centrally listed.

As mums we are not only defined by our family responsibility, but also by where our interests lie, and what we want to do in life.

I love what I do, I love my work in HR and I love being a mum.

I am extremely passionate about Jobs for Mums, and I genuinely hope that Jobs for Mums helps you as a mum to find a job you love, and as employers, you will finally have a solution to enable you to connect directly with a talented pool of mums.


Sarah Hua | Founder - Jobs for Mums
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​About Jobs for Mums

Jobs for Mums is a dedicated website where jobs suitable for mums are advertised, providing the perfect marketplace for both mums who are looking for genuinely flexible jobs, and progressive employers who recognise the value that can be brought to their organisation by having jobs which are flexible (

So many mums strive to maintain their presence in the workplace. They are often highly skilled, qualified and have so much to contribute. Likewise, so many employers are realising the benefit of this target market as businesses are becoming more agile in their general operations, as well as in their recruitment approach.

In addition to the core function of job advertising, Jobs for Mums provides a knowledge centre for mums who are working, or embarking on the return to work journey, through a unique support centre tailored specifically for mums. For employers, Jobs for Mums provides advice on strategies to capitalise on this untapped market.

Jobs for Mums is having a positive impact on society by providing a streamlined mechanism to facilitate and support the inclusion of mums in the workforce, in a way that is convenient for mums, whilst being convenient and cost effective for employers.

Jobs for Mums supports employers to create a more dynamic workplace in terms of flexibility, gender diversity and equitable and fair employee outcomes.​