Jobs for Mums - advertising jobs suitable for mums

What our satisfied clients are saying:

Are you an employer who is looking for something 'different' in your recruitment strategy?

Do you have:

  • A job which is part time
  • A full time job which you would consider as a part time job for the right candidate?
  • Ajob share position
  • A work from home job (or partly work from home)
  • A full time job with flexible hours
  • ​​A job with a 'compressed working week'
  • A job with any other flexibility

We have mums looking for flexible work DAILY!

Jobs for Mums is the platform that will allow you to directly target a candidate market of mums looking for flexible jobs, whilst positioning you to continue to 'own' your recruitment for these jobs.

For only $90*, your job advertisement will be listed on the Jobs for Mums website, and a link to your job advertisement will also be posted on the Jobs for Mums LinkedIn and Facebook pages, where it will reach thousands of mums, through further direct exposure.

Additionally, a Job Alert will be sent out to our database of mums, directly - giving your job advertisement even further exposure, to hundreds of mums.

Your ad will stay live on the Jobs for Mums website for 30 days.

We can even write the ad for you!If you don't have time, or aren't sure where to start writing an advertisement, don't worry, we can write it for you! For only $37, we'll take a brief about the role, draft you an advertisement and send it to you to review and approve prior to listing it.

​In this tight candidate market, grab hold of this opportunity and contact us now to post your job advertisement:

Sarah Hua

0411 180 020


*Job advertisements for Not-for-Profit organisations can be listed FREE! So, be sure to let us know if your organisation is a Not-for-Profit!

Employers with Flexible Jobs ....

"Thanks to Jobs for Mums, we have finally been able to fill a very challenging internal role. The quality of candidates received were extremely strong and the nature of the working hours/location made this an excellent match for us.

Thanks again, we'll be in touch!" Nicholas Vayenas, LiquidHR


"Thank you so much for the excellent service!  I would highly recommend you to any of my business connections for any future employment.
I found your services affordable, effective and extremely professional." Zanelle Walter, Emily Clare Photography


"We have experienced some GREAT applicants though Sarah and her team at ‘Jobs For Mums.’ We would highly recommend their services; these girls are super talented." ​Cre8 Australia


​"Your service ‘Jobs For Mums’ was an easy service to use and with resume’s being emailed to me it was easy to choose a few applicants to interview and finally hire the correct person for the job.

It is a great service you provide as I understand the need for selective positions for Mum’s to get back into the workforce. I wish you all the best with your business and if I ever need a ‘Mum’ position filled I will contact you."  Lisa Norrie, Bax Doors