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How do I apply for a job?

- Instructions on how to apply for a job are listed at the bottom of each job advertisement.

Do I need a Resume?

- Most employers will require you to submit a resume as your application/along with your email. Depending on the type of job you are applying for, your resume may be a 1 page summary of your skills & experience, or it might be a more comprehensive resume outlining your working experience and skills in greater detail.

Do I need to include information about my childcare arrangements in my Resume/Cover Letter?

- No.

Will you prepare my Resume for me?

- Jobs for Mums do offer a resume writing service for mums, whereby we work with you to understand your work history/experience and skills. There is a fee for this service. For more information, send us an email:

How do I know if the job will suit my circumstances/needs?

- The job advertisement will include information relating to the required/desired skills/experience. Initially, you can use this as a guide. When you reach the interview stage, this is your opportunity to find out more about the job & the employer, so you can consider the fit for your circumstances/needs in more detail.

Will the jobs be near me?

- Employers advertise jobs suitable for mums in many different locations. 

Do I have to pay a joining/membership fee?

- No. It is free for mums to look for jobs, and to sign up for the Job Alert Newsletter

How many jobs are advertised?

- It varies day by day. We have new jobs being listed all the time.

Is Jobs for Mums a recruitment agency?

- No. Jobs for Mums is a website where employers can advertise jobs suitable for mums.

Can I apply direct to the company/recruiter/advertiser?

- No. You need to follow the instructions in the job advertisement to apply for the job.

Can I apply for one of the jobs, even if my kids are older (ie. Adult children)?

- Yes, definitely. If the job interests you, & you feel you have the required skills &/or experience please feel free to apply!

I’m a Dad looking for work, can I apply for a job, or is it only mums who can apply?

- Yes, definitely! Dads are welcome & encouraged to apply too! If the job interests you, & you feel that you have the required skills &/or experience, feel free to apply!

Can I set up a job alert so the jobs are emailed to me?

- Yes. Click this link to sign up to our Job Alert Newsletter

Do I have to apply for each job I am interested in, or will you keep me in mind once I’ve applied for one of the jobs?

- You need to apply for each job you are interested in. Each employer advertises independently, so you are required to submit an application for each job so your application can be forwarded on to each advertiser/employer specifically.

Will you contact me when you see a job you think I might be interested in?

- No. Jobs for Mums is a website where jobs suitable for mums are advertised, we are not a recruitment agency, so we don't work one-on-one with individuals looking for a job.

How will I know if I have been unsuccessful?

- Most employers will send an email to advise you have been unsuccessful. Some will however only contact candidates whom they are wishing to discuss the job with in more detail.

What happens if I don’t hear back from the employer/recruiter/company about the job? Do you contact me? Or, do you follow it up?

- As Jobs for Mums is not a recruiter, we are not aware of the process each employer/advertiser follows in terms of recruiting for their job. We don't follow up with them in relation to their progress with individual candidates/applicants.

How long do the job ads stay on your website?

- Jobs are listed on the website for 30 days.

Do the ads stay on the website even after they have been filled?

- No.

What types of employers/companies advertise on the website?

- Progressive, forward thinking employers advertise jobs on the Jobs for Mums website. They may be small or large companies, or even Recruitment Agencies.

Do you have to be on Facebook to get the job ad notifications?

- No. You can however follow Jobs for Mums on Facebook to gain additional information, insights, hints & tips for working mums or mums looking for work by clicking on this link:

How long has Jobs for Mums been in operation?

- Jobs for Mums officially launched in January 2016.

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