What is the cost of listing a job ad on the Jobs for Mums website?

- $90*, which also includes a link to the Job Ad being placed on the Jobs for Mums Facebook page (facebook.com/jobsformums.com.au), the Jobs for Mums LinkedIn page (linkedin.com/company/jobsformums.com.au) & also emailed out to our database of subscribers as a Job Alert.

​*Not-for-profit organisations can advertise for FREE! So, be sure to let us know if you're a not-for-profit!

How long does the ad stay on the website for?

- 30 days.

How do I list a job on the Jobs for Mums website?

- Email your job ad or information relating to the job to: sarah.hua@jobsformums.com.au & we will list the job advertisement on the Jobs for Mums website for you, post a link on the Jobs for Mums LinkedIn page (linkedin.com/company/jobsformums.com.au) & Facebook page (facebook.com/jobsformums.com.au), & also email out a Job Alert to our database of subscribers.

How long does it take for you to put the ad on the website (after I have provided all of the information to you)?

- Your ad will be on the Jobs for Mums website within a matter of hours (during business hours, Monday-Friday).

Are you able to help me write the job ad?

- We'd be happy to help! Just email through the information you have on the job (sarah.hua@jobsformums.com.au), and we can draft an ad for you based on that information. If there is any more information we require to draft the ad, we'll let you know!

How do I pay for the ad?

- You can pay for the job advertisement via bank transfer or via credit card (PayPal).

Who are the applications sent to?

- Applications are sent through to us in the first instance, & we forward them straight on to you.

How do I receive the applications?

- Applications are forwarded to you via email.

How often do you send the applications through?

- Applications are forwarded through as soon as possible after we receive them.

Does Jobs for Mums shortlist applications / screen candidates?

- To allow you to have full transparency & control over the recruitment process, Jobs for Mums does not shortlist/screen applications.

How do I let you know the job has been filled, and the ad can be removed?

- Simply email us (info@jobsformums.com.au) to let us know that the job has been filled & we can then remove the advertisement.

Can the ad be taken off the website prior to the end of the 30 days? (eg. if the role is filled earlier?)

- Yes. Simply email us (info@jobsformums.com.au) & ask for the advertisement to be removed.

Who is responsible for contacting candidates to let them know they have been unsuccessful?

- The Advertiser/Recruiter is responsible for advising candidates that they have been unsuccessful.

Is there any additional cost for the ads to be posted on the LinkedIn & Facebook pages as well as the website?

- No. We post a link to the job advertisement will be placed on the Jobs for Mums LinkedIn page (linkedin.com/company/jobsformums.com.au) & the Jobs for Mums Facebook page (facebook.com/jobsformums.com.au) after it is posted on the Jobs for Mums website.

How are you attracting Mums to the website?

- Mums are attracted to the website in a variety of different ways, including via word of mouth, through networking events, advertising on various Facebook forums etc.

Can I buy a ‘job ad pack’?

- We have positioned the price of the job advertisement listing competitively, & therefore operate off a single ad placement fee/arrangement.

Do you have a ‘featured ad’ section?
- Currently we do not have a 'featured ad' section.

Can I pay for the ad to stay on the site for longer?
- Definitely. For an additional $45, your ad can be re-listed on the website, for an additional 30 days. Simply email us (info@jobsformums.com.au) with this request & we will re-list the advertisement for you.

Can we include our company logo in the job ad?

- Yes, definitely. We encourage you to use your logo on the job advertisement.

What format does the logo need to be provided in?

- The ideal format is .jpg or .png.

How long has Jobs for Mums been in operation?

- Jobs for Mums officially launched in January 2016, & have helped many employers fill their flexible jobs - quickly!! Read our testimonials to see what employers have said about their success through Jobs for Mums!

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