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Flexible Working

What is Flexible Working?

Flexible working is where an employee has a variation on how long, when or where they work.

Common examples of flexible working are:

  • Changed starting or finishing times
  • Part time work or job sharing
  • Working more hours over fewer days
  • Working additional hours to make up for time taken off
  • Changing the location of work, or the need to travel to work on a certain frequency (eg. working from home one day per week)

There are many different types of flexible working arrangements, the critical step is to identify the arrangement which will work best for you, and best for your employer.

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Permanent (full time or part time) employees who have worked for the same employer for at least 12 months are entitled to submit a request for a flexible working arrangement, if they:

  • Are the parent, or have responsibility for the care, of a child who is school age or younger
  • Are a carer (under the Carer Recognition Act 2010)
  • Have a disability
  • Are 55 or older
  • Are experiencing family or domestic violence, or
  • Provide care or support to a member of their household or immediate family who requires care and support because of family or domestic violence

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General considerations

When considering your request for a flexible working arrangement, be very thorough in your review to identify the type of arrangement which will give you the flexibility you are looking for.

Identify two different flexible working options which will assist you - your employer isn't automatically required to approve your request, so having two options shows some flexibility/compromise on your part which may assist with the negotiation process. Remember that the work still needs to get done, so the solution needs to be practical and manageable.

Where to go for further information?

Companies are increasingly establishing policies on flexible working, so it is best in the first instance, to check whether your company has a policy on flexible working. The policy will outline how the company's position in relation to flexible working, as well as the process for submitting a flexible working request, and the process the company will follow to review your application.

Additional information can be found on the Fair Work Ombudsman website: