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​Information for Working Mums

School terms and holidays in Australia

- Current Parental Leave Entitlements

- Paid Parental Leave

- Going on Parental Leave

- Keeping in contact with your employer whilst on Parental Leave

- Returning to work from Parental Leave

- General School Term dates for Australian schools

- Juggling School holidays & working - some tips for mums

Flexible working considerations and options for mums

- Choosing care for your child

- Child care options

-  Signing up for child care

- Centrelink assistance

- Can you take Leave if the kids are sick?

- Type of Leave available

- What to do if the kids are sick

- Building your support network

Choosing childcare - childcare options for working mum - mum needing childcare
Parental Leave current entitlement - mum taking parental leave

- Key Public Holiday dates in Australia

- General information about Public Holidays and working

Public Holidays in Australia

- What is Flexible Working

- Entitlements

- General considerations

- Where to go for further information

What to do if the kids are sick and you need to go to work