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Patent Examiners - roles for Engineers & Scientists

  • Are you a creative problem solver and critical thinker?
  • Returning to the workforce or looking for a challenge with flexibility?
  • IP Australia offers careers for qualified scientists, engineers and ICT people; roles available in Melbourne & Canberra with remote/flexible options.

    IP Australia is an Australian Government Agency that’s a little bit different. We work with Australians to help them secure Patents and Trade Marks on their inventions and designs – their Intellectual Property.  We have a strong sense of purpose, ensuring Australians benefit from great ideas.

    As an employer we offer real work/life balance, flexible working arrangements, a warm and engaging culture and ongoing development. Ensuring our people have the capability to work with leading edge inventions means you will always maintain currency of skill – and you will see Australian innovation at work, right before your eyes.

    We know lifestyle is important to you, and that’s why we offer a flexible working environment so you can enjoy all that city life has to offer, or work remotely and stay within the social and family network you value.

    Our Patents team has a number of positions available for qualified engineers to be trained as Patent Examiners. As a Patent Examiner you are the public face of our organisation, working with businesses, lawyers and the general public to protect their intellectual property rights.

    We employ people with a wide range of technical backgrounds and classify examination teams in to one of mechanical, electrical, or chemical fields. We are currently recruiting staff for our mechanical and electrical fields and require physicists, computer scientists, and a wide range of engineers including mechanical, telecommunications, electrical & electronic, and civil. We receive requests to patent products that range from nano-technology to new digital devices.

    A Patent Examiner is a technical role – we are seeking engineers with qualifications in Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineering.  To be successful in this role you need to not only be technically minded, but inquisitive, curious and questioning.

    Some of the advantages of being a Patent Examiner:

  • You will see new ideas, new technology and new thinking – every day – and be responsible assessing their eligibility for protection under a Patent.
  • You will harness and sharpen your critical thinking capability; questioning and analysing to ensure protections are issued appropriately
  • You work autonomously, as part of a team.

What makes a successful examiner?
To be successful you must love your field of expertise, be passionate about innovation and have excellent logic and reasoning skills. Strong communication skills, an insatiable curiousity and a mind that loves to question are all critical traits for an examiner.

Most importantly you want to learn and apply that learning. You will be supported by a workplace coach through a competency based training program to build your expertise.  After training, you will work independently to produce patent examinations with clearly defined performance indicators. As part of a team, you will also be able to identify work group priorities and achieve team goals.  You will need to hold a recognised degree in one of the detailed disciplines or similar fields.

Is working remotely or flexibly important to you?

We want the best people and we have the ability to negotiate working arrangements, so do apply and we can discuss options.

Would you like to know more?
Access our website and see our
case studies and FAQ’s.

See this
YouTube Videothat showcases one of our patent examiners.

Information related to the salary range can be found in
IP Australia's Enterprise Agreement 2017 - 2020.

IP Australia embraces and fosters a culture that supports diversity, inclusion and respect. Our goal is to attract and retain the right people for the right jobs, no matter their gender, ethnicity, age, religious beliefs, or personal commitments. We empower our people to fulfil their potential and welcome people with diverse experiences, perspectives and backgrounds. This means that we embed diversity and inclusion in everything we do—everyday.

Please apply via our website, applications close midnight, 2 April 2019

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