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~ "Sarah did a fantastic job writing my resume. The service very efficient and professionally done. Thank you." Louisa

~"The service is great, and friendly. I can't wait to see what the future holds in getting my new job." Melissa

~ "Much appreciation Sarah, for the help and assistance with creating my resume. Very helpful, professional, and efficient. Highly recommend your services."  Sheana

~ "Sarah was fantastic!! It was very a very easy and simple process, with an extremely quick turnaround to have a completed resume ready to use!!"  Tegan

~ "Many thanks for your help in bringing my CV to a higher level." Colette

~ "What a fabulous service! Thank you Sarah for writing a professional, well presented CV for me. The process was very efficient and straight forward. I will be recommending this service to anyone who is needing assistance with their resume." Jenna

~ "The booking process & appointment time were both very convenient. I definitely feel that my resume now represents me better for future job applications, & am very satisfied that it meets my needs. I'm very likely to recommend this service to a friend." Rebecca

~ "Thank you Sarah, that looks perfect. I'm so pleased with the resume and thank you for all your help and advice." Amy

~ "I've had a look at my resume, & I'm very happy with it! Thank you very much! Thanks for your​ advice as well!" Stephanie

​​​How many times have you wanted a resume that looks professional and represents you well?

Let’s be honest, most people that find writing their resume is one of ‘those jobs’ they hate spending time on!

Deciding what format to use, or even where to start is the most common problem. Not to mention trying to decide what to include, how far back in your career you go, or how you deal with a career gap.

But what about if all you had to do was speak with someone over the phone, tell them about your experience and the type of job you are looking for, and they’ll write it for you – what more could you ask for?

We’ll send you a first draft of your new resume within 48 hours of our phone discussion.

Imagine ….you could spend your spare time looking for the perfect job, or relaxing, rather than stressing about writing your resume!

Look at it this way, for only $187,  
your resume will be professionally written, represent you well, plus you’ll have a higher chance of securing that perfect job much quicker!

All in all, you can’t lose!

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How will the Jobs for Mums' Resume Writing Service help you secure the perfect job?

With over 15 years in Human Resources, you'll be working with an experienced Human Resources & Recruitment professional to create your resume and give you guidance on representing yourself.

And .... we're mums too, so we know what you need to say & what employers need to see!

I don't have time to meet with you to get my resume started - help!

Don't worry! We're mums too, & we know exactly what it's like trying to juggle everything!

That's why we have appointments available day or night! 

I found a job I'd really like to apply for, I need my resume now!

We completely understand! You need to move quickly when you see a job you'd like to apply for. That's why we'll have the first draft of your resume emailed to you within 48 hours of your appointment! It couldn't be any quicker!


√ Save time! (something us mums never have enough of!)

√ Have a document you're PROUD of

√ Stop procrastinating & get it done!

√ Address your'career' gap

√ Apply for jobs sooner!

How to escape the Resume rut

with a professionally written resume!

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