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Whilst the school year in Australia runs from January to December, school holidays vary in each State / Territory, and often between schools.

To see the school term dates for (government) schools in Australia:

School Terms / Holidays in Australia

         * Always check directly with your child's school to be sure on the exact term dates, specific to their school, this is a guide only.

Juggling school holidays & working - some tips

Juggling school holidays when you are a working mum is always a challenge!

School children have many more days of school holidays than days working mums get as Annual Leave.

Below are some tips to help you with the juggle of looking after the children in the schools holidays, whist maintaining your work commitments:

  • Share care with another mum: you look after the other mum’s child/ren for a day, and the other mum looks after yours for a day (also works as a play date for the children)

  • Sports ‘camps’ (eg. Tennis Camp)

  • Vacation care

  • Take one day each week of the holidays off

  • If possible, have grand-parents/in-laws look after the children for one day in each week